600+ joined communities

Genkgo is used by all kinds of member-based communities such as associations, institutes, clubs, unions and guilds.

  • “We have over 10 websites with different administrators. Genkgo explained everything to us one afternoon, after which all of us knew how to work with it. The Website application works very intuitively.”

    Support manager Regiment Genietroepen - Royal Dutch Army
  • “The Website application is very self-explanatory and functions in an intuitive way. Our community finds it easy to work with.”

    Treasurer ODE Decentraal
  • “Sending e-mails, like newsletters, is very easy with the Communication application. Filling a newsletters is very self-explanatory and we can change the look of an e-mail by using different templates.”

    Secretariaat Online
  • “The Communication application is very straightforward, and effortless to work with”

    Manager Communication and Media VSPVU
  • “I use the Communication application often to send e-mails to many of our members. The e-mails always look very neat.”

    Manager Support Regiment Genietroepen - Royal Dutch Army
  • “We organize many events that are also accessible to people outside our community (Ministry of Defense), which is no problem with the Events application. Registration no longer works via e-mail, but has become an integrated part of our entire system. Genkgo promises to unburden communities; a promise they surely live up to!”

    Manager Support Regiment Genietroepen - Royal Dutch Army
  • “The Financial application does everything I want and expect from an administrative application. Whenever I ask Genkgo to make some small changes, they are very cooperative”

    Treasurer ODE Decentraal
  • “The dashboard application is very accessible and easy to use. It is nice to have a place where all (status)updates are located.”

    Chairman M.F.V. Panacea
  • “We use the Files application for many things, like uploading the minutes of our general assembly or any other document. Our members can download the files directly from our website, which is very convenient.”

    Manager Communication and Media VSPVU
  • We are very happy with the new website and how this project has managed. Thank you for a year in which you always thought along with us and we could count on you to make the adjustments that we asked for. We still receive many compliments about the website. Compliments to you!

    Olivia van Rikxoort, Commissaris JFV CarrièreBoard
  • “With the Organization application it is possible to create as many groups as we like. By creating dynamic groups, new members are immediately appointed to the correct groups, which is very convenient. Whenever we want to send an e-mail to a specific group, we no longer have to select members one at a time, it saves us a lot of time!”

    Chairman EHBO Stede Broec
  • “The custom-made member administration that Genkgo developed for us is a pleasure to work with. It is very clear and efficient, also to filter and sort certain groups. Keeping our website up to date is fast and easy and it portrays the professionalism we strive for”

  • “Genkgo is a reliable and professional partner in building websites. They provide a solid basis for a well-functioning, clear and extensive website. We are very pleased with it.”

    Vereniging Kralings Zwembad
  • “With the Communication application we can send emails to all our members, or just to selected groups, which makes it very convenient to work with. Sending emails is a piece of cake with this application.”

    Secretary A.S.T.V. Chip & Charge
  • “Genkgo Events is a great solution for MARUG. It fits seamlessly with our website, which makes the ticket sale for our lustrum run smoothly. Genkgo is very involved in the thought process, but they are also open to our feedback, which ensures a good cooperation”

    Marketing Association University of Groningen
  • “The Survey application functions in a very clear way, and is really easy to work with!”

    Chairman M.F.V. Panacea
  • “The Financial application has a lot of functionality. I believe it is the only financial application on the market that offers a combination of a financial administration, a member administration, and a website. The application is integrated within our entire system.”

    Secretariaat Online
  • “The Mobile application looks beautiful on every device. The app makes it possible for our members to access all the information they want or need, wherever and whenever.”

    Manager Communication and Media VSPVU