Professional event management software for your entire community

Communities revolve around events, they form the core of the community. Whether you are organizing a multi-day conference, a general assembly or a party, it should be easy to register for the event and for you to manage it. Being suitable for any type of event, Genkgo Events offers you this possibility.

Affordable and flexible event management

Genkgo Events offers communities an affordable way to organize events in a professional manner. Unlike other professional event management software, the costs of this application do not depend on the amount of participants. On top of that, Genkgo Events is very flexible in letting you decide how you want to shape your events. Decide if they are open to members or non-members, whether it's paid or for free, the possibilities are endless. 

Unlimited ticket options

Are you organizing an event that last several days? Let your members register separately by creating different ticket options. You can also add different reservartion periods, like early birds, and add prices per ticket option and reservation period. This way you can customize as many ticket options as you want. 

Communication with participants

Participants can register for the events on your community website or with your mobile application. The Events application makes it easy for you to communicate with participants of an event. Send e-mails to everyone going to the event, or per ticket option. Keep everyone up to date, without the hassle of e-mailing each participant individually and moving around privacy sensitive information.