Manage all your financial matters in one place

Healthy finances are essential for every community. And what could be easier than running your complete financial adminstration in one place? Genkgo Financial provides software to do exactly that.

Issue invoices and collect dues

The Financial application gives you the opportunity to issue invoices and collect money from members and other stakeholders. EXAMPLE Sending invoices to your members and other stakeholders is an easy task with this application. Invoices are sent as PDF file by email to the recipient, but are also accessible to you, for your own administration. 

Who paid their bills?

Checking who has paid their invoices is an easy task with the bank transaction import function. Find out who hasn't paid their bills yet and send them reminders to do so. 

Direct debit - invoices in bulk

For some dues, like membership fees, it is more convenient to send invoices in bulk. This is possible by using direct debit. It allows you to collect a certain amount of money from the accounts of your members, once they have authorized this. This makes paying a (yearly) membership fee easier for both you and your members. It is of course also possible to collect different membership fees for different groups within your community.