Send surveys to members of your community and get their opinion about whichever topic

Curious what your members think about your community? Or do you want to know their opinion about any given subject? The Survey application makes it possible to create your own survey and send it to members or entire groups from the Organization application. 

Design your own survey

How a survey is designed is completely up to you. Add as many pages as you like to your survey and add questions to the pages. There are many types of questions you can choose from, like open ended or multiple choice questions.

Keep your surveys organized

You can create a limitless amount of surveys. In order to keep everything organized, you can make different folders under which the surveys can be stored. This will make it easy for you to find the survey you're looking for.

Analyze the results of your surveys

Once the members of your community have completed a survey, you can export the results by the click of a mouse. The way the Survey application is developed, makes it possbile to analyze the results in a statistical program.